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Caribbean Heritage. Jessie Waddle and some of her West Indian friends started the Carnival in Harlem in the 1920's by staging costume parties in large enclosed places-- like the Savoy, Renaissance and Audubon Ballrooms due to the cold wintry weather of February. This is the usual time for the pre-Lenten celebrations held in most countries around the world. Because of the very nature of Carnival and the need to parade in costume to music-- in door confinement did not work. Labor Day Carnival Parade" has grown over the years from thousands of tourists and participants to over 1 million people in attendance since the mid-- 1990 � s according to then Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The influx of tourists from all over the world has benefited New York City on an economic level, most recognizably with large corporations, small businesses and the tourist/service industry.Please Clck Here To Read more about Caribbean Heritage.

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