The New Haitian Movie: Madame ou Mademoiselle Explain


February 5, 2015

On October 26, 2014,Sheila Degraff released her grand premiere haitian movie Madame ou Mademoisele. It was a spectacular moment for everybody who were there at the vault cafe in Elmont Long Island. As We Looked around the room, we observed a public made of a cross section of the haitian community, including artists, doctors, web developper, business owners, media personalities, young people to senior citizen. Before we explain the new hatian movie Madame ou Mademoiselle. Who is Sheila Degraff the director of that movie?
Most, if not all of us, know Sheila Degraff as a talented haitian songwriter and vocalist originating from the roots (racine) music world, as a performer in the group Rara Machine, led by Clifford Sylvain. At that time, a future as a script writer and movie director was surely not part of her plans

The Preparation Of The New Haitian Music

Many years ago, Sheila had embarked on a project to produce a new haitian music album. The first song she wrote was about a wife singing in anger “Tande’m Tande”..gin yon ti fanm ki vle pran mari’m. As Sheila listened to the finished song, she thought, “Why not create dialog in which the “ti fanm” (Mademoiselle)” replies to the wife (Madame)?. Thus came the next song “Gason marié”. One thing led to another, culminating in her decision to make the CD into a full featured movie musical. She then began writing the script for the first Haitian movie musical, “Madame ou Mademoiselle?

A Real challenge To Produce The New Haitian Movie: Madame Ou Mademoiselle.

With no budget to hire professional actors, and with little financial sponsorship, producing the movie would be a challenge. So Sheila decided to reach out to personal friends and acquaintances that have talents, most no movie acting experience, to join her in this project.

She subsequently revealed an exceptional skill in casting, as she perfectly matched these mostly rookie actors with roles that each one of them excelled in. It included this writer who had the perfect role of playing himself in a short appearance. Each one of the actors played his or her role to perfection. Namely; Mikerline Pierre (Mamay), Adina Anglade (Kapita), Jean Claude Eugene (Bruno), Mayer Morisette (Pierre), Marjorie Renaud (Lumina), Yatande Boko (Palasso), Steffy Bee (Tamara), only to name a few. In short, she hit a home run in the casting category.

Then came the tedious work and challenges of finding shooting locations, scheduling the actors, technical crew, etc for rehearsals and final takes with the technical director Johnny Regice. Adding to the stress, was the constant search of financial support to cover the mounting expenses. Hard work and years of perseverance paid off, and took us to the Vault Café on October 26, 2014 for the grand premiere of the new haitian movie“Madame ou Mademoiselle?”


The Show Time of That New Haitian Movie.

Then it was time for the live performances. MC Jean-Claude Elie (RockMaster) took the stage to welcome everyone and announce the start of the festivities. First was the introduction of the star of the night Sheila Degraff, with a brief bio of her voyage from Singer to Script Writer to Movie Director.

Following was a series of lively performances that truly delighted the public. It featured: Blaise (System Band) and his dancers, singer Jocelyne Dorisme, actress/singer Adina Anglade, Actor/Vocalist Jean Claude Eugene, Actor/R&B Singer Mayer Morisette, Kizomba dance, drum solo, closing with dancers of the Mikerline Dance School. In short it was an hour packed with a variety of exciting performances.
The New Haitian Movie Madame ou Mademoiselle” has finally hit the big screen. and in a split second, Sheila’s dream has become a reality. One could detect a big smile widening across her face.


Get The New CD a full featured movie musical.

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